Inked 4 Life

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Tattoo Party Price Form

Do you have a Commercial or Professional account that you would like to be taken care of? Perhaps a party of 4 or more that needs ink? Well this is the page for that! Here you can tell us how many, how big the tatttoos are, how much color, everything!! Fill out our questionaire here and hit the submit button. Be sure to answer all questions you can so we may give you an accurate estimate on all work. Also please make sure you leave an E-mail, phone number, my-space URL, or some way me may contact you back with our response.***YOUR COMPLETED FORM WILL NOT APPEAR ON THIS SITE OR ANY OTHER SITE*** All forms are mailed directly to the "INKED 4 LIFE" mailbox and all information supplied to us is always kept confidential All prices are estimates only. All though we strive to give very accurate estimate to actual cost comparison, prices may differ dependant upon time lapsed. Also, many times party participants may change their mind and as such the price may change too. 

***Questions marked with an asterik are required***